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Indian Visa Charges

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we are cruising on P & O Arcadia in March & it will be calling into Mumbai. After booking we were advised that we must have Indian visas or we would be refused boarding ! Cost for these visas is £135 each !!!! This is for a visit of 1/2 day.

Question is why do P & O bother with this port when it adds so much cost for every passenger and why does India try to discourage tourism with such high visa charges. ???

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Hi  It's a lot of money for a short stay, but I'm sure you'll enjoy your cruise in-spite of this.  As many seasoned cruisers know the boarding fare is only a part of the final cost of the holiday.  I assume many passengerts who read the brochures will be impressed by many of the exotic desinations, and are more likely to book this segment without thinking about the cost of visas.

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We went to Mumbai with P&O in 2012.  It is a great place to go and worth the visa fees


I don't know where you live but we went in person to the visa office in Hayes for ours which cut the cost considerably. It cost around £45 per person (may be a bit more now).  The application had to be filled in on line which was straightforward and all was waiting at the office.  The service was very friendly and very efficient.  Had to go back to collect passport with visa in a couple of days later.


I am sure there are other offices around the country that you can go to if Hayes is too far.


All the info can be found at www.vfsglobal.co.uk


Certainly worth the money though and as a percentage of total holiday cost isn't a lot.



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