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Just received my Winter edition of into the Blue from Bolsover.

As usual some good articles included , one on the rise of river cruising plus another on an interview with Christopher Edgington Marketing Director of P& O cruises in which he discusses the new pricing structure.

Thanks Bolsover for producing another interesting edition of the magazine !

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I totally agree with the comments above, a very well produced, informative edition of "into the blue". I too saw the "Win a free P&O cruise" competition and was very interested. They require a minimum 500 words giving a detailed review of the ships facilities, ports of call and the highlights of the cruise. Great I thought, shouldn't take more than an hour or so to do it justice. Then I read the last sentence, "All entrants will then be placed into our prize draw and the winner will be chosen at random". Sorry Bolsover, as brilliant as you are at everything Cruise related,  in my opinion,you have slipped up on this one !  I for one will not spent time writing an in depth cruise review for a competition when my entry is going into a random draw instead of being judged on its merits.  :(

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Good afternoon Dunflyin, thanks for commenting on our Win a Free Cruise magazine competition. I wanted to reply to you as I have checked with our Directors about how the winner is chosen as I dont believe this to be true.


To clarify, this competition is in fact being judged on an individual review basis and will NOT be a random draw. As a company who prides ourselves on customer service we absolutely appreciate the feedback we receive from our members and we actively take the time to learn about your experiences, good and bad. This competition is an opportunity for you to share with us and others about your own personal cruise experiences, and the more informative and engaging, the better!


I hope I can change your mind and you do decide to share your cruise review(s) with us. I apologise for the error in our entry rules, this has been raised with our Marketing Department. For anyone who does enter, we wish you the very best of luck. 


Yours sincerely,

Bolsover Cruise Club Administator

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