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Gosh where would I start!!

Andrea Bocelli for evening entertainment

Iker Casillas, David Beckham, James Cracknell, Rafel Nadal for the sporting events during the day

Damien Lewis & the cast of Homeland for the mystery

Cast of Chicago Fire so I 'd have something to stare at!!!


buddy i think this cruise would be very popular!! id certainly join you on it!!

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Guest Solent Richard

I was very fortunate to both listen to and share a table with Roger McGuinn on a Queen Mary 2 trans Atlantic crossing.


An absolutely fascinating unpretentious and talented musician whom I would be delighted to listen to again.

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I'm glad you asked that question Harvey as I haven't got a clue either. Neither have I heard of Andrea Bocelli, Iker Casillas, James Cracknell, or Damien Lewis. I must watch the wrong programs.

Good evening OWT


Ah! I do know that Andrea Bocelli is the blind tenor and he's very very good.

James Cracknell is the British gold medal Olympic rower.


I don't know -

Damien Lewis - I've heard the name but not a clue what he does.

Iker Casillas - not a clue.






PS  It's a good game this. ;)

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I think mine would have to be Bradley Cooper or even Gerard Butler :wub:  :wub:  :wub:



Where do I begin - Gerard Butler, Jared Leto, Ben Cohen the list goes on

 Does anybody know who these people are? (I could look up google but it would be good to see if anyone else is as ignorant as me! :rolleyes: )




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