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Excursions in St Petersburg

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I did st petes a few years ago with P&O, we did a fab excursion i think it was called hidden scenes? it was brill they took us on the metro and to a traditional russian market and tea room. i think it was about £40 pp for around 4 hours but worth it cos we got to see russian real life not just hurried around the tourist attractions!

We also did the highlights tour, because it is so big it was a great way to see all the main attractios in a day. again i think this was about £40 pp


when are you going?

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Trouble with St Petersburg is there are so many fabulous trips and you have to go two or three times to embrace them all. There are those in the centre such as the Hermitage, the Cathedrls, the river cruise etc and those outside such as the various palaces. Although dear they are well worth it as they are a unique experience. My favourites were the Cathedrals and the Hermitage and as somebody else has said the one in the evening including a private visit and ballet in the theatre is mind blowing .....very dear but you one of the evenings you will never ever forget. 

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