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We are taking a very preliminarily look at a multi-generational cruise next winter.  2 grandparents - 60s.  2 parents - mid 30s and grandkids - almost 5 and 3 1/2 - all active.  My intel is that Norwegian is likely the best option for this type of trip because of all the kid-friendly amenities and activities.  Can anyone offer up any advice as to which ships are the best within the fleet for this profile.  Once I narrow down the 2 or 3 ships we can hone in on destinations and timing.  Cheers, everyone.

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We’ve never done NCL but Royal Caribbean is always compared against it so worth a look. We used them for years for many cruises with grandparents and had a great time. There’s lots of info and reviews on all the ships. The smaller ships are great but the kids seem to love the Oasis of the Seas and bigger ships. Good luck

We like MSC now due to price and itinerary but not suited to your purpose

We did a P & O cruise in Jan to Spain and Portugal which was fabulous but didnt take any notice of if kids would enjoy it. Great for the grown ups though

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