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Returned last Sunday from 5 days on Fred Olsen's new ship Bolette. I have always been a fan of 'Fred' but have to say this ship, ex HAL Rotterdam, really is a step up. The View, name given to the buffet does the most amazing stir fries, you select what you want in it. 2 speciality restaurants, Vasco specialising in Goan Cuisine and free of charge on my cruise and Colours and Tastes specialising in Asian Fusion and costing £5, amazing value for money. The regular 'Fred' venues are on board but so many new ones. So glad to have sampled it, now want to go again.


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Good to hear you enjoyed the cruise. I was due to sail on her earlier this year which was of course cancelled. I have no doubt the ship is lovely but unless future prices come down from what they have advertised recently, I doubt I will be booking. I've looked at a number of itineraries to sail solo and prices have been between £250 and £300 per night for an inside cabin!

I don't do spicy foods so the choice of alternative restaurants is disappointing for me. I'm sure I would find something to eat in Colours & tastes but my choice would be limited. It would have been nice to have one with spicy cuisine and another that was fine dining/italian/steaks etc. That in itself would not stop me cruising with them however.

Fred has, effectively, cancelled two cruises I booked for non-Covid reasons and consequently I have written to the Managing Director and Chairman expressing my disappointment. I will wait to see how they respond before contemplating another booking with them.

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