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X factor 2013!!!

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Yes its that time of year again when X factor hits our screens! what does everyone think so far? I gotta say i absolutely love Sharon Osbourne! fab woman

I love the XFactor! Much prefer Sharon to Tulisa!   X


Well done Sam although I think it was a forgone conclusion that she would win. It is good to see a more mature person win it for a change. Personally I wonder how she will get on when all the hype dies down and she releases her next recording. Very few of the winners from the last 10 years are still in the lime light, Leona Lewis and Little Mix being the most notable exceptions. Have a read of this: http://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/tv/news/x-factor-winners-where-are-they-now-8995952.html

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She has an ok voice but would be better in a hotel lounge or cruise ship, I don't even think she will get to number 1 this Christmas even though they have made it for charity in a bid to stop the protests.  Nicholas was very poor and no personality what so ever.  It was a very poor year, its time they brought Simon back and got rid of the dead wood on the panel, gary "exciting" barlow and Nicole "its all about me" Shirtswinger. 

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I understand that Simon is back next year. Am sorry to see Gary go as he is the only one that can truely say he has covered all aspects of the music industry. Maybe they should consider having a 5 person panel. 4 mentors and one person from the general public as it is after all the general public that vote and buy the albums so their opinion must be valid.

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