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Nile And Ancient Egypt

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It's a shame about all the trouble in Egypt as the best cruise we have done is a week long Nile cruise.

We started in Luxor, down to Aswan and back. The guide started with temples and sites at 2000+BC coming forwards to approx 50AD and he brought history to life.

Would love to do Lake Nassar but only when our foreign office say its safe to travel.

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The Hurghada area of the Red Sea situated on the Gulf of Suez is an area that I have a soft spot for. The weather is fabulous all year round, the people very friendly and everything is so inexpensive compared with the UK. Personally I love watching the sun sink as a great ball of fire behind the mountains of the desert each evening. The sea that varies in shades of blue from turquoise to dark. The night time when shops, souks etc. become alive with people and music that is so reminiscent of North Africa. There is so much to see and do. I was sorry to come home but look forward to my next visit, possibly in February.

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Guest Solent Richard

Could I just say that I returned from Egypt and the Red Sea last night. No sign of any troubles. The main problems appear to be in northern Sinai which is a long way from the Nile.


I can agree with you OldWorldTraveller.


I had a week's Scuba Diving in September at Sharm El Sheikh and never a sniff of trouble.

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