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Oh for some 'joined up' thinking.

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Our thoughts must be with those poor souls in Beirut with the thousands now homeless. It got me thinking, across the water in Turkey some wonderful cruise ships are being beached for scrap and around the globe there are countless others doing nothing but killing time. Surely to God SOMEHOW these wonderful floating homes could be put to humanitarian use in Beirut? 

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23 hours ago, Countrygirl said:

Sounds a great idea, but the logistics and cost to the cruise companies would be a nightmare.

Whilst it's an excellent thought I have to agree with Countrygirl, it would be a logistical nightmare. For example, those that are beached have been stripped, where do you get the crews from to make them seaworthy and operate them. The cost would be phenomenal. If you used those that are at anchor what happens when cruising returns, what do you do with the people on board?

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15 hours ago, Mayway said:

Does the Government of the Lebanon regularly consider the humanitarian need when they do the things they do?   If they don't, then frankly why should anyone else in the world?   They presumably have their own financial imperative, somewhere more in the centre of Europe.

The whole concept of humanitarian aid is to aid our fellow humans - not their governments. Sadly, there are many governments that do not look after their population in an appropriate way but that doesn't mean the rest of the World should ignore the plight of fellow humans in desperate or extreme circumstances.

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