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Apathy rules - or so it seems-

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On 29 July 2020 at 7:59 PM, Oldworldtraveller said:

As afcandrew said, don't forget to come back. Everyone in the travel trade is complaining, the cruise companies cannot sail, travel agents seem only to be kept busy with cancellations and refunds, crews are back in their home countries itching to return to the ships to earn money for their families, writers and journalists have nothing to write about. Two cruise companies have ceased trading, ships are being scrapped whilst others are being placed in long term layup. Not much good news there. The good news is two new cruise lines are starting and river cruising has re-started in Europe. I am going on an English river cruise in September which at least is a start for the UK. I truly believe that if the English tourist trade act sensibly, give good serice and don't over charge they have a great opportunity to resurrect some of what they have lost over the years. The UK has stunning scenery, beautiful beaches and a history matched by few, maybe why in normal times tourists from around the world flock here in their millions. September last year I covered part of a 'Round Britain Cruise' and selected to return from Edinburgh to London by train. I was amazed at the beautiful beaches we passed just south of the border, long stretches of golden sand lapped by blue waters. This is now an area I want to visit for a few days. Maybe we should start a thread on our favourite ports, countries etc. to get people back on the forum and talking.  Just a thought.

thank you ..just the cheer we need at the moment.You are so right the beautiful rugged scenery and stunning beaches our coast line offers are well worth a look at from boat,coach or car.(i would have added cycling 50 years ago).Best wishes

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19 hours ago, Oldworldtraveller said:

I see 33 crew out of 158 on Hurtigrutens ship Roald Amundsen yesterday tested positive for Covid-19. They are now trying to trace the passengers from the last 2 cruises. Does little to change the FCO view of cruising.

Sadly, their gamble has not paid off and has potentially very serious repercussions for both crew and passengers. Don't think we will be seeing their proposed round-Britain cruises next month now. This may well confirm the cancellation of all cruises for the rest of this year...

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On 7/29/2020 at 7:28 PM, afcandrew said:

Don't forget to come back when things get going again - you make a welcome contribution. Stay well and safe.

Thanks -I'll keep dropping by! I certainly agree with a subsequent post flagging up this lovely island of ours. You would struggle to find so many gems to see in, relatively-speaking, a small land mass like ours. We are off to Symonds Yat in a fortnight [self-catering] for a few days and to meet up with the family coming over from Wales. 

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Words mean so little at such times but I am so sorry to hear this.

Of course you can't look ahead at the moment but you will come through this dreadful time. My partner of 26 years died from cancer in 2012 and whilst I still miss him terribly and think of him every day, I'm still here and living life to the full - as he wanted me to. Lean on your family and friends, as you need looking after too.

Take very good care.

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23 hours ago, Jenjen said:

Very sadly my husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer two weeks ago quite advanced so no cruises or holidays for us

so no posts from me I can’t contemplate what will happen in the near future yet alone anything else.

so to the regular posters I say happy holidays, 

So sorry to hear this Jensen, keep positive, I was diagnosed with terminal cancer with just a few months to live. That was in 2011 to everybody’s surprise ( even my surgeons) I am here and cancer free.  So don’t give up hope 💕

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