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how about a cruise to nowhere.

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57 minutes ago, Countrygirl said:

I consider myself told off. But I am fed up with people complaining about things that might not happen. Let’s wait and see what the industry does to bring back cruising. Once we know the truth then we can comment and not second guess.

But that would take away all the fun of being a member of a forum.😉 

Seriously though everyone has an opinion, and a right to express it, and although I consider myself a glass half full sort of guy, I have to admit that I think some of the enjoyment of cruising is going to be sacrificed if we want to have a fully Covid safe environment on board ship.

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Frankly I am not over surprised that there is an apathy here in UK. We are constantly drip-fed a diet of negative news from our media. I read today that a worst-case realistic estimate for a second Covid surge this winter could claim 120,000 lives -probably from the same source who spoke of 500,000 deaths when it first hit the UK. How about also giving us the best-case estimate? 

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