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Most of us have had holidays postponed or cancelled or just confused about when we come out of lockdown, isolation, or not able to see, hug kiss our loved ones.

so my question is how is everyone? In the Forum names without faces we know so well, even though we have not knowingly met.

my otherhalf has been unwell, nothing to do with corona virus I at times caged, don’t like not seeing my family, apart from FaceTime when we all tell each other we fine and dandy.

I hope your all safe and well

best Wishes jenjen 


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We are doing very well and are managing to keep busy. We are lucky that we have a garden to sit in plus we can walk in the country without meeting anybody. Living in a small village makes it so much easier. We do feel sorry for those living in the city.

My only gripe is,  what it is about stay at home that a few people do not understand. I would hate the minority to spoil it for the majority.

I like you miss the family we are able to ZOOM occasionally but it is not the same. 

Our last holiday was on Ventura arriving back in Southampton on 17th March. Having been away for 5 weeks we have not spent time with our family since the end of January. 

Keep safe everyone, here’s looking forward to happier times and our cruise booked next year (we hope)

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Likewise my wife and I are currently well. We have stayed at home since arriving home from a cruise on the 15th March. I am on 12 week lockdown being one of the 1.5 million 'Shielded' so have now managed to get up to date with my writing, gardening and jobs that I told my wife I would do 'When I have time'. Our daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren have been nothing less than fantastic doing the shopping. I find Thursday nights quite emotional as everyone in our close comes out and applauds the NHS with fireworks going off in the distance. Its a strange feeling with all arranged trips cancelled and with, in all honesty, no date when things will start to get back to normal. Wave Awards cancelled until October, Silver Travel Awards cancelled until September, cruise ports in some cases closed until the mid summer and later. Will all the cruise companies survive, who knows, there are many theories out there but only time will tell.

I genuinely wish everyone a safe journey through these troubled times, the tunnel seems long but there is light at the end of it and when we emerge I hope and pray that everyone will be able to breath a sigh of relief having emerged into what hopefully will be a better world. Stay safe everyone. OWT

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Hi Jenjen,

Thank you for asking.  My wife and I are fine, if somewhat bored.

As you say, we would all probably have been elsewhere at this time.  Other than that, life is not that different to normal as our family are miles away.  Grandchildren in Scotland.  We usually go up there every 6 weeks or so but at least had February half term with them at a Forest Lodge in Strathyre.  Our Bedfordshire based daughter, as a professional singer and singing coach, is badly affected by the lockdown but is keeping the choir she runs going via online rehearsals.

As with Countrygirl, we are fortunate to be village dwellers with lots of beautiful Nottinghamshire countryside to roam (within the Government guidelines, of course).  I try to "power walk" between 3 and 6 miles per day, keeping my competitive nature afloat using an app called "MapMyWalk" to monitor my performance.  An American lady tells me how far I've walked and at what pace!!  People around here are pretty good at "passing by on the other side" to maintain social distancing and I choose routes that very few people use and are, generally, wide enough to not need to pass within 2 metres.

The weekly shop is, of course, a trial.  On Friday last, whilst my wife struggled on her own with the Tesco trolley (as directed by their latest policy), I went to Sainsbury's to try to get some of our favourite mushy peas.  It was 8.30am and the queue was, literally, a quarter of a mile long.  Needless to say, we had garden peas with our fish.

Drinking far too much alcohol, of course but nothing new there.

Stay safe everyone.


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I live in a village, home alone 🙁, whilst all my jobs have ceased I am doing some stuff for the National Trust at home scanning photos.... so whilst I have something to do as Queen sang ... I am going slightly mad lol. I escape once a week to shop but like David says the queues are dreadful in the town...

luckily everyone is staying in but hopefully we will be allowed out more over the next few months. I feel sorry for those who have lost loved ones but on the other hand it would be nice if they could publish figures of those who have recovered from this dreadful illness.

stay safe and hopefully sane PP 🤓

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Thanks for asking Jenjen.

As someone who has lived alone for getting on for 8 years now, I suppose in some ways it is easier to adjust - but that certainly doesn't mean it is any less frustrating or boring.

I had a one-week cruise on Fred Olsen's Boudicca booked for 18th May which of course was cancelled.  Fred were very sensible and their opening gambit was to cancel through to 23rd May.  My cruise buddy and I took the option of an extra 25% cruise credit to book a 9-night cruise (also on Boudicca) for next June (2021).  I also have a cruise booked on P&O Aurora this October, which I kind of think has an outside chance of happening - but certainly not convinced. I'm also booked on a World Cruise sector on Arcadia early next year but we'll have to wait and see what happens with that one.

I live in a mid-size town but I am right on the edge of it, some two and a half miles from the town centre.  This means that within 5 minutes walk I can be out in the countryside or woods with some nice walks.  I have some local shops about 10 minutes walk away for essentials and can do a circular walk, one way of which is almost entirely along a bridleway.  I am lucky enough to have a small garden to the back of my house and a small balcony at first-floor level to the front, so have good options for fresh air when the weather is good. I am certainly talking to friends and family on the phone a lot more often than hitherto.

In normal times, I volunteer at the local museum once a week and go swimming three times a week, so being at home so much is a trial.  So far, I have stayed well, my family have kept clear of the virus too.  I have one friend who is symptomatic and therefore isolating.  I am shopping for him once a week and getting any medication prescribed.  I am a little wary of being out in the supermarket but getting a delivery is absolutely impossible around here.

Stay safe and well everyone.


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in a way i am lucky in that i am isolated all the time, widower work from home,disabled so cant walk far, certainly cant get round a supermarket so i have always used online shopping.

so nothing new for me lol. ive been lucky in that ive been able to get morrisons to deliver when ive needed it and i use wiltshire farm foods for some meals when i cant stand to cook.

only drag has been the cancellation of hospital appointments for my back to get me mobile again, until they lift the restrictions i have to live with the pain. i will be looking for a last minute break when the cruises come back.

theres some nice countryside just behind us and a short walk and sit down near the river helps no end.

stay safe all.

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Were also keeping to ourselves & so far all is well. Our garden has never been in such good shape at this time of year , the good weather having got me out there earlier then usual. We're still waiting for P & O to cancel our cruise in early June as we would like to use the FCC on a Baltic cruise next May.  Our next cruise after June is in November so fingers crossed that things will back on track by then. Keep safe & keep well everyone.🛳

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Like others keeping well at the moment, still working as we are both 'Key Workers' also working from home.

With the exception of yesterday we've spent much of the time in the garden over drinking!!!!! after work of course.

Missing our daughters and four grandchildren but we have to accept this is for the best and it won't last forever.

We have been live chatting using "Happy House" which is nice.

Stay safe, stay in and more importantly stay healthy.



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What a great thought asking how we are.

Like many we are trying to stop the boredom, here in Nottinghamshire. Our garden is now manicured to the enth degree. We go for our exercise regularly along walks that are little used.

As with many we have had 2 cruises cancelled one of which was with good friends. Our real disappointment was the cancellation of our son’s wedding but, again, this has been postponed  to Match next year giving us something to look forward to.

I am not sure when we will be able to resume our cruises but still look to see what is available Mid 2021 and beyond.

Stay safe.

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