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Great holiday on Ventura

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We are due home on Tuesday 17th March after 35 nights on Ventura. Great holiday the only place we could not go ashore was the Azores as the Portuguese authorities had closed the port. 

This was our first time on  Ventura and I think our last, back to Arcadia anytime. Ventura is not designed to carry 3000 adults some of which seem to think they need to arrive at each venue at least 1 hour before a show in order to get a seat. God forbid anybody who gets in their way. I have never seen this before and have to say I do not like it. People are so rude and bad tempered they seem to forget they are on holiday. 

Well it looks like we are on the last P & O cruise for a little while as the next one is now cancelled, no where to go as more ports close. I do feel very sorry for those looking forward to their holiday. 


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Good to hear you enjoyed your cruise and didn't suffer too much disruption.  I've not sailed on Ventura but have been on Azura twice and on both occasions found her too crowded for my taste so don't intend to sail on her or Ventura again in the future.  Think I'll be sticking to Aurora and Arcadia with P&O and also sailing other lines with smaller-sized ships.

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