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Ijmuiden - location and excursions

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We're considering a P&O cruise that spends 2 days in Ijmuiden.  I think I've read that the shuttle bus to Amsterdam is running much more smoothly now?  However, I'm wondering...

  1. Is there anything to do in Ijmuiden itself?
  2. What sort of shore excursions are available from Ijmuiden - I've looked on the P&O website and can't find any information.



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Hi BanburyBlue,

Unfortunately, I have no personal experience of porting in Ijmuiden to offer you but you may find it helpful to check out the information on "www.whatsinport.com".

Clearly, the only reason to spend 2 days in Ijmuiden is to afford passengers the time to visit the wonderful city that is Amsterdam.  Having visited many times, though never from a cruise ship, I would suggest you spend as much time in the city as possible.  Strolling the canals and visiting the Flower Market, with a canal side lunch and a beer (try the Calf And Bloom just across the canal from the Flower Market) are essentials in my book.

Hope that helps, if only a little.



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