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Celebrity Perk changes from 19/11/19

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It looks like Celebrity UK are now trying to mirror their cruise deals in the US. Now when booking in the UK you'll have the same options as those booking in the US. Sadly this means UK bookings will now also be subjected to additional charges if selecting the beverage package as a perk under the 'Sail Plus' option. 

Passengers booking might now need a calculator to work out the true value of the perks depending on the length of their cruise and any loyalty status discounts applicable to perks received. For example, pre booking an internet package gives you 10% discount. An Elite + membership gives you a 35% internet discount and the two can be combines so if you're Elite + and plan ahead you'll qualify for a 45% discount on your internet package anyway which devalues this as a perk. Hope that makes sense.... 

It will be interesting to see how this affects what deals Celebrity UK offer going forward. 

Original article here :-



Celebrity introduces 'personalised' pricing structure

Celebrity Cruises is launching a new pricing structure that will allow guests to select the onboard options they want.


The cruise line said Sail Your Way, which launches on November 19, is its most flexible pricing structure to date and will allow passengers to 'truly personalise their cruise experience'.

It has been designed in response to feedback from guests who have asked for more flexibility when choosing their cruise holiday.

The pricing structure consists of three different packages, which allow guests to select elements, such as onboard credit, drinks packages, wi-fi and gratuities.

The three packages are available to all guests from inside to AquaClass staterooms.

Guests who opt for the top package, Sail All Included, get premium drinks, gratuities, unlimited wi-fi and $300 onboard spend included. Suite Class guests automatically receive this package as standard.

Passengers booking Sail Plus can choose two options.

Sail All Included costs £65 per person per day. Sail Plus costs £25 per day if the two chosen extras do not include drinks or £35 per day if drinks are included as part of the two chosen perks. 

The third option, called Sail, is the lowest available fare with no extras.

Jo Rzymowska, vice president & managing director, UK & Ireland and Asia Celebrity Cruises commented: "Sail Your Way gives guests the ultimate choice, flexibility and value when booking their holiday.

"We've listened to guest feedback and decided to give them the power of choice to curate and personalise their perfect holiday. We have also extended this offer to Inside staterooms, previously only available to OceanView and above, to ensure this is truly inclusive.

"We're particularly proud of our 'Sail All Included' package as it reflects the touches of modern luxury that are at the very heart of our brand. We're confident this truly luxurious offering will become a popular selling tool for agents as we know that guests love the convenience of having everything looked after from the moment they step aboard."

Celebrity Cruises will support the launch with new training assets and collateral created for travel partners, including a new selling guide, toolkit collection, social assets and dedicated flyers.

A dedicated Sail Your Way video will also be available for agents, highlighting the key offers and benefits for guests.

A new module on Celebrity Passport will be introduced to encourage partners to learn about the new pricing structure, with webinars and Facebook Live sessions also available.

Commission is payable on all perk options.

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Goodness me we are going to need a degree in higher maths to work out which option suits us best!!!! It will be interesting to see the price difference for each one though, and the value we put on each of the options.  I wonder if they will still allow you to opt out of the gratuities if you decide to stay on the basic tier?

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13 hours ago, towny44 said:

Goodness me we are going to need a degree in higher maths to work out which option suits us best!!!! It will be interesting to see the price difference for each one though, and the value we put on each of the options.  I wonder if they will still allow you to opt out of the gratuities if you decide to stay on the basic tier?

At the risk of sounding like a real anorak I created a spreadsheet to compare US vs UK pricing which took into consideration all of the differences of the two booking types. I felt like I'd completed a training course once I understood all of the differences. It looks like Celebrity are now wanting continuity across the board. The 'new' UK website now mirrors the US .com website. I've read rumours that UK bookings can now take advantage of price drops too, though I'm yet to confirm this. Maybe the admin at BCC could confirm? 

I don't opt out of gratuities (I actually think they should just add the cost of them to the base cruise fare and pay their staff a fairer wage). I would however consider it if service onboard was poor. That said I've never had an issue which wasn't remedied onboard after escalation. Stiffing the staff who work so very hard just doesn't sit well with me. 

However according to threads on Cruise Critic you can cancel gratuities at any time. It requires a visit to Guest Relations. When this occurs the staff affected such as your room steward, butler, waiter, assistant waiter, somellier and maitre d' are informed. Without real justification it is considered very bad form though. 

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3 hours ago, Davybe said:

Wonder if this has come about due to overpricing their cruises in the first place?

We have always weighed up the package offers, not always value for money, and to be honest paying £130 per couple per day for some perks are taking the [email protected]@s .as you can get a cruise for one of you at that price.....Davybe

Our last Celebrity booking was an aquaclass room on Consteallation and booked through Bolsover Cruise Club. With their discounts and classic beverage and gratuities included the cost per person per night was just under £130. I thought that to be a very good deal. 

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