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BCC and Celebrity Cruises

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We booked our first cruise with yourselves this year onboard Celebrity Constellation. When booking your description of the ship referenced the Retreat lounge. As we're very familiar with the Celebrity Cruise product I was aware that this ship will not have gone through the upgrade / revolution process until 2020. I also know that bottles of water are not delivered to aquaclass rooms daily any more and have not done for some time. I fed this info back to your company and you have since updated your website which will avoid any confusion for other guests. 

I'm now looking at booking back to back cruises on the same line. I'm aware that Celebrity UK do offer back to back discounts. However when querying this via your online chat facility with Alice I am advised that they do not and that you guys get asked this question "all the time". This doesn't seem correct to me so I have just asked Celebrity UK (Please note the UK) via social media who have confirmed that they do offer back to back sailings. 

I also enquired about which European sailings include free flights via the current Celebrity UK offer to be told you are unable to provide a list of sailings but will only confirm a yes or no answer in response to an individual itinerary enquiry. 

I do appreciate that Celebrity are constantly expanding, evolving and even changing things and that it can be a challenge to keep up. But based on my experience there's room for a lot of improvement between your communication and this cruise line. I wonder how many cruisers have missed out on back to back discounts all because of poor advice from your staff? 

Finally it would be good if you could be more helpful by clearly detailing which European sailings do include free flights and which do not. 

For your info Celebrity Cruises offer B2B discounts of  :-

7-9 Night Sailings - £32.00

10 Night or Greater Sailings - £64.00

The savings are per cruise and not per person so if you booked a 7 night cruise followed by a 10 night sailing you would receive a total saving of £96.00 per cabin. 


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Hi MJ75 and thanks for your comments above. We appreciate all feedback, good and bad, and we will certainly pass on the message. The team do work exceptionally hard in keeping up to date with the latest changes, but we all make mistakes from time to time.

As Alice previously mentioned on web chat earlier, unfortunately, this is not something that can be added to the website for selected cruises, as this tends to cause confusion and at times, leads to our prices being wrong.

There is also a list over 700 cruises where this offer is applicable, which doesn’t make for pleasant reading and is why we request the dates that you’re looking to sail to see if we can find something sailing at or around that time.

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Hi thanks for the reply. This covers the included flights but what about back to back discounts given by Celebrity. I have confirmation from Celebrity UK (And not Celebrity USA as Alice seemed to think) that they do offer them. If we do choose to book a B2B cruise with yourselves would this be included or not? 

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