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Muscat In A Day

Guest Solent Richard

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Guest Solent Richard

Almost eleven months ago while cruising on board Oceania Nautica we made a scheduled call to the port of Muscat. With the forthcoming World Cruise season not too far away many UK based ships will be calling at this rather unique port on the Arabian Peninsular.


To enlighten any readers as to just what to expect and what can be achieved in a day's visit here are a few offerings...





















A full review can be found at my cruise blog....





Please feel free to ask any questions either openly or by Private Message.





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Guest Solent Richard

Fabulous pics and review.  I now have an opinion that Muscat is a small town rather than a large capital city - am I correct in stating this? 

Good morning LK.


I think you will find that Muscat is really a fair sized metropolitan city - some 580 square miles. It has a of around 1,16 million spread over 6 provinces.


My review covered three distinct areas: Mutrah (the port area), The old Town and the more modern district of Al Ghubrah South where the Grand Mosque is (Some 20 minute drive from Mutrah)


So quite a large place.

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