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How my heart goes out to people who are on holiday with Thomas cook I would like to bet they are not very well informed the reps have lost there jobs so would not be on hand to reassure you, the hotels want payment for your stay, although you have paid weeks ago at home 

I think most of us at some time have booked with Thomas Cook 

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My sympathies go out to those who've not had their holidays as yet and are very unlikely to get their refund for at least a couple of months minimum, many of which saved all year. 

Chances are by the time they get a refund prices will be inflated and who really wants to rebook to Europe in November for a summer holiday by choice.

Also my patience wore a little thin this morning watching those being interviewed abroad saying they'd had a lovely holiday but are now claiming they've been left "stranded", it's been widely publicised that everyone will get home but it may take a day or two to get it resolved, very selfish considering those not getting away and staff losing their jobs.



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Must be dreadful to be turned out of your hotel, after paying for a holiday ,unless you cough up more, hoping to get it back later?

We booked flights years ago and after paying the agent went bust, we got the same seats on the same plane but it cost us £50 each more.

Celebrity are contacting people who are booked on TC flights trying to sort something outs presume other cruise lines are doing the same.

How do the people justify their salaries whilst running up horrendous depts....Davybe

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