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Arcadia World Cruise 2021 - Planning Advice Please

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Hello All. Yesterday we took the plunge and paid the deposit on the 2021 Arcadia world Cruise. Has anyone that has been on a World Cruise in the past have any practical advice on being away for three plus months. Although it's 18 months away I've started 'The List'!  It includes 'stuff' like trickle charging vehicle batteries etc. Your thoughts please folks. Thanks  in anticipation.

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My house insurance was fine and charged no extra providing boiler and heating kept on constant and someone went in once every 10 days. 

I suggest putting all your bills and credit cards on direct debit payment.

You might want to consider your daily post as to whether to get a neighbour to pick up off mat or have it help by the Post Office.

Buy some larger sized clothes in the sales! Altho in 15 weeks in Aurora I only put on a stone (equals 1lb a week).

How wonderful to be going on a World Cruise. I loved mine and the anticipation and planning is all part of the enjoyment!

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