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Newbie Cunard dining seating question

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Never cruised before and have booked a 12 night Cunard cruise.

Because we booked early it seems we get allocated a dining time of 6 or 8:30pm, which we can live with. I'm not sure about the seating arrangements though. I would expect a table for two, since there are two of us... but I seem to have read somewhere that not only might we be sat with other people, but the same other people every night 😲 Firstly, please tell me this isn't so, and secondly if it is the case, how does it work. Are you expected to keep up a conversation with your allocated tablemates? 🙄

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Cunard should have explained what was available and what you booked. The only dining times if you are booked in Britannia Restaurant i.e. inside or balcony stateroom are 6pm and 8-30pm and if you have booked a Cunard fare then you would choose your stateroom and which dining time you want which should be guaranteed but size of table can be requested but not guaranteed and you wont know size of table until you get onboard. If you have booked an Early Saver then you will not have picked your stateroom or dining time as this is at the choice of Cunard but the fare will be cheaper. Whatever table you are designated whether it be a table for 2,4,6 or 8 you will have the same table for the duration of your cruise and the same table mates. Tables for 2 are very limited and are never guaranteed even when you book early.

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Have been with Cunard over 20 times, and have always booked the cabin we like, and second sitting dinning and requested a table for 2 but not always possible to get however we have noticed more tables got 2 A’s they are more popular 

If you have booked the cheaper fare, you are allocated a cabin tow weeks befor sailing, and often don’t know until embarking which dinning time, or table number, Ihave never known anybody being able to change the booking if the balance has been paid, if you have paid the deposit only you may be able to change, but will then have to pay admin charge.

My advice would be, leave it for now, and if your unhappy with what your allocated see the restaurant manager they are very, very accomadating 

Enjoy your cruise experence and welcome to the forum

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