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Chocoholics buffet

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Most cruise lines seem to have cut out Chocolate ,and Midnight Buffets.

I never attended a Chocolate Buffet ,but did attend a couple of late night Buffets, we took pictures and went to bed, being to full to eat anymore.that did not stop our fellow passengers some of them entered the Buffet Knife ,fork and spoon ready to dig, before the rest of us viewed the food?

RCI and Celebrity claimed that due to passenger response they were stopping the late night buffets so much food was wasted, and said they would put snacks the bars .

Just wonders how much some folk can eat ,I feel really ill if I overeat....Davybe

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We used to enjoy the chocoholic buffets held in MDR on P&O and was a very enjoyable experience but again something else that was stopped due to cost cutting and now a chcolate themed buffet in afternoon tea seems to be the norm. With regards to amount of food wasted by people loading their plates and then leaving them untouched are half eaten is the norm on all cruise ships and not just with chocoholic buffets you only have to look at any buffet whether it be breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea, never been to buffet in evening, and the amount of waste is unbelievable and the attitude of some to grab as much as they can and have the attitude well I have paid for it. At least the fish enjoy it.

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On 3/21/2019 at 9:32 AM, Countrygirl said:

We went to the chocolate buffet  on our first cruise, and have never been again. I have to add that I was embarrassed by the actions of fellow passengers. A rugby scrum comes to mind.

Yes I do agree we went once, and I felt sick at the amount people had on the plate and could not have got anymore in there mouth, then left a pileup mess 

only my opinion of cause.

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15 hours ago, HLM said:

It is or was always one of them things that was seen as part of cruising as was the Baked Alaska parade etc, but once I'd seen it I wasn't particularly bothered if I saw it again, shame for new cruisers though if it does completely disappear it is quite a spectacle.



Allegedly stopped for Elf and Safety reasons .after one lady set her hair on fire ,how on earth you manage that is beyond me ....Davybe

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