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Two years ago we had never been on a Cruise but with two under our belt (Celebrity & Norwegian) and P&O Britannia booked for April we are turning thoughts to 2020/2021.

What has become evident (and perhaps we are just odd) is one of the most important things to us is a decent size Balcony. I find nothing more relaxing than whiling time away with a book in the fresh air. As a boat owner I also find the docking and departing fascinating so a decent balcony with a good view enhances my enjoyment.

We had an Aft Sky Suite on Reflection which had a bit more room; were royally spoilt on Norwegian Star with an Owners Suite that had two Balconies. On Britannia we have an aft suite (the soot issue really does not bother me) which appears to have a decent amount of room.

Has anyone any thought on suites with larger than normal balconies.

Reflection Aft.JPG

Reflection Aft 2.JPG

Star Side Balcony.jpg

Star Side Balcony 2.jpg

Star Foward Balcony.jpg

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Hi Pks1702,

I'm with you on the balcony thing.  Wouldn't go on a cruise without one.  We also love the wider view obtained from a balcony at the stern.

Azamara is currently our favoured line, the balconies are not huge but still essential.  Suite balconies are 21.7 sq.m. (233 sq.ft. in old money) and take up the front and rear corners of the ship, giving great views of docking etc.

Last year's Caribbean cruise was our first on Marella.  Discovery 2 was the ship and the Grand Suite we booked had an excellent balcony.  The suite represented really good value for money but was midships, so only a view on one side.

Hope you enjoy Britannia.  Far too big a monster for me!!


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It would depend on where and when we cruised ,wether paying for a balcony would be worth it.Never been able to afford a suite ,so never been a problem.

We have had the biggest standard balconies at the Bach (Stern) of the ship the Celebrity Millennium class ones are huge, and before being extended the ones on Arcadia were very big.Smallest we have had are on Oceana ,we have a double size balcony Deck C on Azura overlooked but has some shade ....Davybe

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Thanks for your thoughts - appreciated.

David H - Not looked at Azamara so thanks for that, interesting your thoughts on Marella too. Mmmm Briatnnia have mixed thoughts but prepared to try it and see. The large Aft Balcony was the reason for choosing the ship so I can 'escape' there from the crowds if it gets a bit too much.

Davybe - Agree Celebrity Reflection had a decent size Balcony, will have a look at Millenium.

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