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Shame no one's replied. It's pot luck who's onboard of course.

He can ask for a notice to be put in the daily newspaper suggesting an unhosted meeting for 18+ teens at a certain time and place, just to get them started. I noticed this was done on RCI recently, presume P&O will do the same.


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I thought the same yesterday RayO.

As I don't have children I'm really not the one to answer this question however what I will say is from what I have seen/observed  the 'teens' ( by that I mean 16+ )  always seem to find each other.

Whitjaw - just my opinion but Britannia is a family ship and your dates are in the middle of the school holidays so I would take an educated guess that there will be plenty of 16+ on board, failing that I'm sure someone from the youth team will have a few suggestions and of course teenagers love to hang out by the pool area so maybe that would be a good place for your son to check out, I'm sure he'll be fine and you'll all have a great time.

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