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All very best to forum members and their loved ones, hoping 2019 is a good year fo us all.

Just finished the cards (Hate doing it) bought a very limited amount of presents, giving Cash to the older grand kids ,and friends get nowt? we donate to a local food bank, they need it more than our friends and relatives.....Davybe

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22 hours ago, cruise chef said:

Must be getting close to the time you put the sprouts on to boil, the dog steals the Turkey and everyone has free licence to over do the eating and drinking



Merry Christmas to all. Lets see what 2019 will bring

My Daughter has a Great Dane who can open the Fridge and cupboards ? no food is safe around the dog,Last year she open a cupboard door and ate a full cream cake ,my Granddaughter had made for a school .Today she has eaten some Pine cones, hope she eats the sprouts ??....Davybe 

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15 hours ago, Countrygirl said:

Oh I do wish that the spell checker would not over type my words I am sure you understand I meant frozen SPROUTS!!!

We all have the same problem, if you do not read before posting, and correct any "spell checker " mistakes.

It does make me smile though....Davybe

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To me Christmas is a time of year to remember those less fortunate than ourselves. The old who will be by themselves, those who cant afford anything special for Christmas. Years ago when I was a member of Round Table we used to take over from Meals on Wheels on Christmas Day and from funds we had raised made sure that these elderly people had a proper Christmas Dinner and some extra goodies. Sometimes the Christmas Card we gave them was the only one they had. The following song always makes me remember how lucky I am.



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