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I quite enjoy reading the cruise log at the end of the cruise. I know the last couple of days are made up as the log is written before then but the one for the Oriana cruise that we have just returned from made interesting reading. The first day stated that after pre departure checks the lines were let go & she thrusted off her berth. The pilot departed & off we went. What it didn't mention was that after the lines were let go the captain came over the tannoy to say that we couldn't leave as we were waiting for an ambulance to collect a passenger who had been taken ill. Nor did it say that after 2 hours she came back on the tannoy to say that another passenger had been taken ill so we were going back to Southampton to dock at QE2 terminal.

During the cruise people were remarking on the lack of wildlife to be seen except for the occasional seagull & we actually saw 1 dolphin however according to the log  on the second sea day "Throughout the day Oriana was abuzz with wildlife, birds of prey such as OWLS" & " whales frolicking in the ocean waves".  I must say I've never seen owls circling a cruise ship & wondered if anyone could enlighten me as to what sort of owls they might have been.🐳🐬🐦😄

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2 hours ago, sinbad10 said:

We saw an owl circling Queen Elizabeth during the day on our cruise to the Canary Islands last October.

I wonder if it was the same one? We were 2 days out of Southampton. Like Jenjen I thought they hunted over land at night. I didn't realise they flew so far from land.

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