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j815 arcadia 28 night cruise 20 oct-17 nov

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sorry this is late starting but weve had little or no internet since leaving southampton,that is a saga all of its own but suffice to say no joy with staff/reception on board and it took southampton 5 days to send a bog standard reply to say they will try and get back to me in 28 days.

any way embarkation smooth as silk and cabin s21 is huge considering its a single,its a 4ft bed with 6 inches of spare space between the bed and bedside tables on both sides so could easily be a double.

the cruise down to bermuda slightly choppy and v overcast with plenty of rain showers so didnt really warm up before the day before bermuda.

as usual lovely bunch of people in the smoking areas and the usual sunbathing non smokers moaning were smoking in their chosen sunbathing area.

pics are of cabin s21, sunrise in bermuda,bermuda st georges local gossip being ducked on the ducking stool, beach on bermuda drive, lighthouse bermuda.






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quiet sea day and not much to photograph so a couple of annoyances for you. my cabin is the last in the corridor next to the door that opens on to deck 10 the only thing there is the sliding roof

It is quite often a bun fight when trying to find the cases. Why people decide its a good idea to push other people luggage into the wrong area is beyond me, those nice people we cruised with sud

sorry this is late starting but weve had little or no internet since leaving southampton,that is a saga all of its own but suffice to say no joy with staff/reception on board and it took southampton 5

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it was a day and a half in bermuda with plenty of sun but a bit breezy lovely place the dockyard v interesting and very easy to get ferries to hamilton if you want to do your own thing also easy to book your own tours in the dockyard if you want.

day at sea then arrived in bahamas quite a contrast bermuda immaculate very upmarket contrasted by areas of poverty and some v scruffy areas but still lovely people and great scenery dominated by mega resorts.




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Great to hear from you and see that you are enjoying yourself.  We love the cabins on the sun deck. It is a great place to be and no long corridors to walk down.  Wait until you get back to southampton as there on only few cabins on S deck you don’t spend ages trying to find your luggage.

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Glad you're having a good time Mitch even with the ASB 😮 

I think if you haven't been to the Bahamas before 'Paradise' is what is set in your mind when in reality it isn't but saying that I'm still pleased I've had the opportunity to visit even if it isn't somewhere I would want to rush back to, Bermuda on the other hand .. absolutely beautiful and what a sail in/out.

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hi all sorry for the delay yet again internet  was down in grand turk yesterday and none avail on shore.

odd place very small the cruise centre is just one pier that 2 ships can dock one either side and theres a duty free centre at the end of the pier with a beach either side of that. the green umbrellas have free beds under them and the blue ones to the right as you loook at the duty free are free. the rest are rentable.

duty free wise the amber leaf tobbacco was $55 for 10 50g packs on board its £94. i tested their claim to price match by taking a photo of the stand in the onshore duty free and i have to say i was suprised when they honoured it immediately so i have a receipt for £94 discounted to £46.20.

we were first to dock and were followed in by carnivl dream which i have to say was a bit disconcerting as for a long while it looked as though she was headed straight for us,good job sandra bullock wasnt driving.

as you know i have a thing about bed nappers and today its a sea day enroute to tortola tommorrow, and we have a record 06.45 on the way to breakfast deck 10 theres a guy undoing the rope around the beds and taking 2 out to his disired spot i kid you not.







PICT0597 (2).JPG

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6 hours ago, Jenjen said:

Well I am surprised about the price match on duty free, thought it was just something that was said at duty free so very well done. it is cold but sunny today here, so I am very envious of you in the sun and love the photos and the time you give to us posting on the forum well done 👍 

i was dubious jenjen i thought i was going to have to fight my corner but no it was done straight away, we just had to wait for a manager to sign it off.

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quiet sea day and not much to photograph so a couple of annoyances for you.

my cabin is the last in the corridor next to the door that opens on to deck 10 the only thing there is the sliding roof over the swimming pool. anyway for the first three nights after leaving southampton i could hear a cricket chirping i kid you not. and the volume went up each night. i would go out into the corridor go doown towards the crows nest and it continued but the volume lower.so i went back to the room and opened the door to deck 10, as soon as i stepped through it the noise stopped. anyway by night 6 i had had enough so went to reception and they were more amused than anything. but the duty hotel manager was there and she said she would come up with someone else. so iwent back and shortly after i could hear them chatting as they came down the corridor and saying it is it is a cricket its got to be. i went out and showed them how it stopped when you went through the door. i then left them to investigate. a few minutes later she knocked on the door and said look at this and theres a wooden ramp retro fitted outside the door and eventually they had lifted it and lo and behold a huge cricket lying there chirping away. so problem solved with a size 9 from her assistant.


the other you could say a little more delecate problem is i still have to work so usually come back to the cabin around 3ish to do said work. anyway next door need a new bed or at least to get it oiled as their afternoon delight is rather annoying.

well thats all folks beutiful weather today properley toasted so off for a shower and prep for formal, night night.

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tortola today and unfortunately my disc decided it would do the rhumba on my sciatic nerve so was only able to walk to the terminal building and back so a day of enforced rest hopefully i will be able to photograph the sailaway. but anyway heres todays plunder you may see a theme other than the coral lizard thats because i like death in paradise.PICT0607.thumb.JPG.ebfc6b73c0accb156a608f98fd57b684.JPG

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yesterday in st martin before the heavens opened,beautiful sunshine till mid afternoon but then for two hours it came down in torrents.

fortunateley i had got off shopped and got back on again before it started. so i had some lunch and did a load of washing and got it in the dryer.

went back after 20 minutes and the rain had come and someone had taken my  stuff out of the dryer still pretty damp and put in the clothes they were wearing when they got caught in the deluge, it was obvious thats what they had done as there were 2 shorts,4 socks,2 t-shirts etc etc. i was going to sit there and ambush them when they came back but rum called.

plus 2 couples were put ashore in one port for fighting in the laundry,bahamas i think.lol. the women started it then the husbands joined in.PICT0608.thumb.JPG.a590892e82a03445e62883011c388d95.JPGPICT0612.thumb.JPG.0de4b1ffc4e93d94894941a7c4ac80b4.JPGPICT0620.thumb.JPG.db8fed84ddc38998449b141f7d83ee62.JPG


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antigua today and it is persisting down, fortunateley the trip consists of getting on a mini bus driving to a rum shack and geting in the rum shack and drinking rum and eating conch fritters,fish and jerk chicken and drinking rum. getting back on mini bus and back for 1pm for late lunch. doing some shopping on the way back. 2.30pm its all cleared and its sunbathing time.PICT0615.thumb.JPG.38a0f98643f1ab84aa222ca6011f89e0.JPGPICT0619.thumb.JPG.4590c9e4464a8eaf5746fb2fa54dd4db.JPGPICT0626.thumb.JPG.fae6b36b5ded677c793771be2e2a7ea0.JPGPICT0616.thumb.JPG.1ffbe488007519a5d68e11aff87e55a5.JPG

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I must admit I stay in the laundrette when my stuff is in the dryer, because once somebody took my things out and also another dryers clothes and put both together in a laundry basket my pure cotton white shirt had a some navy blue shorts on the top of it, needless to say I could never get the stain out, I was unhappy to put it mildly, hence now sit with a book until my stuff is dry.

When we did the Caribbean we had some heavy rain, it did not last long but we got so wet.

hope you continue to enjoy yourself

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st lucia another wet welcome but it cleared pretty quickly and a lovely afternoon had turning a darker shade of pink.with the factor 5000 applied liberally at regular intervals i am never going to look like a battered old suitcase like some of the sun worshippers.added to the rum miniatures and the hot sauces for my nephew, its a wonder hes got any taste buds left.

double distillery tour tommorrow in barbados so pictures and comments may be late lol.PICT0629.thumb.JPG.eb9e002351899b5c0f6fc8518aa48f46.JPGPICT0631.thumb.JPG.2332eb809e8f0c1c0aa11c3e7a0dc75f.JPGPICT0634.thumb.JPG.0266cab43b1ac19e5a92008742741010.JPGPICT0636.thumb.JPG.44a9fd5b9da77c6b49035500d795c888.JPGPICT0638.thumb.JPG.f4e6b11922694007eabb1fa774cf1534.JPG

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