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Hi all,


I'm Rob, 38 and live in West London. And yes, I love cruises. 


My ex got me into them and ever since I've been addicted - I don't think I've gone a year without going on one for the past 6 or 7 now. I also love to go on more adventure type holidays as I'm a bit of a thrill junkie to be honest with you.


In my spare time I like to go out for a beer (or three) with my friends, go to gigs, have a sing along at karaoke (Liam Gallagher, eat your heart out!) and play on my PS3. Like I said before I'm a bit of a thrill junkie and have just got back from the USA where I went on lots of roller coasters at Six Flags. I've done all of the jumps, caving etc and dream of living in Cornwall so that I can surf every day!


I might be the youngest here at the moment but here's hoping there'll be some more people who are at least into similar things to me - in addition to cruising of course!

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Guest Christine

Hi Rob, and welcome.


Well you're certainly in the right place. Although I have to confess that it was my children that got me into cruises! Since I joined them on their first family cruise five years ago, I also haven't gone a year without booking another. They certainly are addictive! I enjoy a more relaxing cruise myself, I love nothing better than sitting on the deck with gin in hand, watching the world go by....however I did sample the zip line when we docked in Mahogany Bay in Roatan - I would certainly try it again!


In my spare time I volunteer at my local youth centre and love spending time with my grandchildren, it keeps me young (ish!) :P


Do you have any cruises booked for the future? I am off down the Amalfi coast on the Pacific Princess in October, can't wait to sample somewhere new.



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Hello all!


Great to meet some cruise lovers - and fellow Liam Gallagher fans! From whereabouts in Cornwall do you hail Rob? Beautiful place!


As is the Amalfi Coast, Christine. Make sure you make the most of Rome if you are stopping there. There is simply too much to see and too little time. Just make sure you have a true Italian coffee whilst you are there!


I am considering a Norwegian Fjords cruise for my next adventure...any Fjord veterans present to give some advice?

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Go Christine! There is no thrill better than a zip line...think I will have to make sure I go on the Allure for my next cruise so I can have a go!


I agree with the Cap'n, Rome is a beautiful place. personally I found the Collosseum a little underwhelming (it looks better all lit up at night) but loved the hustle and bustle of the piazzas.

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