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HAL Alaskan Cruise

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Got back from this cruise and a stay in Vancouver recently. Fantastic time. Holland America Line have to be my favourite line ion terms of service and food. Was only bettered by a luxurious river cruise with Uniworld in our experience of sailing with P&O, Royal Caribbean and HAL once before. As for the venues themselves it was stunning and the memory of floating quietly in Glacier Bay watching the ice calve will stay with me for many years.








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If anyone wants to see more images you can see my Alaskan cruise blog here:


Or the Vancouver element here


Every time I go on a trip I think I`ve found my favourite memory. Glacier bay was it for this one but I still wonder if it was as good as my trips to Cuba and India.What would we do without travel? 

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Had been on my list some years and so glad  I made it there. Thanks for your kind comments. I ordered a 140 page photobook before I left the UK for the trip on a Groupon deal. Whilst there I wondered if I would get enough photos to fill it. I reckoned I needed around 250-275 decent ones for a book. Shouldn`t have worried . I ended up with over 2000 pictures and after culling and editing still had more than enough to get them in. Should be here in the next week or so so hope they haven`t made a mess of the printing. Photobooks and videos are great ways of keeping the holiday alive as when the pictures sit on your hard drive they are rarely seen. I look forward to boring friends with the book 😉

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14 hours ago, Anchors-aweigh said:

Saw that there was a 7.9 strength earthquake off Alaska -luckily the expected tsunami didn't happen. I wonder if such events hasten the further destruction of glaciers [beyond what mankind is managing]. 🤔

A guess, but probably not. Earthquakes are pretty common in that neck of the woods. I was lucky enough to go to Alaska last year and there was a significant quake a month or two before we went and a small one in Seattle (where we flew to) a week before we went 😮

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