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Hi all,

We have now booked our third cruise once again on MSC for June next year the ports of call are Miami Depart, then on to Ocho Rios, George Town, Cozumel, Nassau then back to miami for a few days before returning home.


Question is for any of those ports do I need a visa or any other permit.


I know about the esta for the states but not the other ports.


Cheers everyone

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Hi sammy,

The wife is one for stops during the day and sail overnight and nearly all if not all of MSC cruises have daily stops. Also the cost of the cruise and the drinks package is consideribly cheaper than anything else we have looked at.

We did look at P&O but the wife felt and I did also that the insides of the ships looked so plain and sort of travelodge looking.

I haven't ever cruised on any other lines so can't really compare but we feel that they are suitable for what we want.



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19 minutes ago, Jenjen said:

I think you first cruise sets the bar, and that line becomes you favourite and many other cruisers I have spoken to feel the same.

our first many years ago was Cunard on the QE2 so needless to say that’s our favourite but have done four other lines but still think the best, Just my personal opinion of cause.

I disagree our very first cruise back in 1997 was on the QE2 and was excellent we then went on to do another 3 cruises on QE2 and the cruises gradually got worse until the very last one was very poor and after complaints to Cunard who gave us a voucher of our next cruise on QE2. We responded by saying doesnt matter how much the voucher was we would never sail on QE2 again. It took us until 2106 and many cruises with other companies before we cruised again on Cunard and to this day our favourite cruise line is Princess after nearly 40 cruises with different companies.

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As I said just my personal opinion we have 40 plus Cruises under the belts and never had a problem with Cunard! Our two with another line I said never again even if we won it. Nothing wrong with Princess we have done a few with them, and quite a few with P and O, best part with P and O is they have many different ports 

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