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hi what about your return flight when did the details come up for that, I am still unable to see the return flight and we fly out on 30th August.  Keep getting conflicting messages between BCC and PO.  If I can't see the flight then I can't check in, getting a bit antsy about this now


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according to our paperwork we are with Jet 2 both ways,  I have been in to see them at BCC and they looked as well, the latest story is that PO will release passenger names on the 2nd August to Jet 2 who will then enable us to book specific seats if we want to.  We have already booked these for the outbound trip and can check in in 4 days.  It just doesn't add up to me but its making me very nervous about what is going on.  I have emailed PO twice for an explanation but have yet to receive the courtesy of a reply.  Never had this poor service before.

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