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Dining - Do You Look Forward To Specific Course?

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Hi When you cruise a few times on the same line do look forward  to particular  course being on the menu or do you like like to try as many novel dishes as you can.  I fall between the two stools, I nearly always order scallops (in any form) but always look forward to Silversea's scallops served on a bed of wild mushroom risotto (simple but heavenly, nectar to my palate). 

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Guest Solent Richard

My all time favourite when dining in either of the Cunard Grills is to make the special request for Steak Tartare for lunch. Prepared at the table this excellent dish is something I always look forward to...



I know my wife's favourite as well, King Prawn Singapore Noodles, also served on Cunard but for Dinner.

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Just returned from Transatlantic on P&O Ventura. The course always enjoy is the Beef Wellington (rare). Was good again although on this cruise the Transport Cafe (buffet) was pretty bland. I dine in the restaurant every meal nowadays as I hate the scrum for tables and as stated, the food has certainly declined in the last couple of years.

Having said that, the cruise was very relaxing and as usual the scales seem to be displaying my weight wrongly now back home!!!

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I like the desserts best but they are my undoing! One cruise I went on I would tell the waiter which course I thought sounded the best but he always said that something else was better so I would try that. However, in his wisdom he would also bring me my first choice and you can all imagine what happened. The one dessert I hate is the Baked Alaska served on Princess - first you have to endure them being walked around the dining room then you are expected to choose it for dessert - ugh.

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