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1 hour ago, Pesky Pirate said:

My back lawn looks like tufty, a slight trim is required I think. Gardening is good exercise but to try and dig through solid soil is a bit too much. It should rain at night and be sunny during the day.....

That would be perfect. Rain between about 1 & 4 am then sunshine all day with a bit of gentle breeze to keep us cool & dry the washing😀

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2 hours ago, mitch said:

really jealous davybe. fantastic veiw why would you want to leave that lol.

awesome thunder here last night loads of bangs but not much in the way of rain.

We are very Lucky to see that sunset, sadly though we have to draw the curtains as we cannot watch the TV some nights .

We can see down to Anglesea ,from the front and out the back we can see the Denbighshire  hills even down to Snowden.

Waiting for the rain today ,hope it comes slowly it really is needed.But As Rhyl is in the Vale of Clwyd the weather here can be quit different from the surrounding area, and Ireland seems to gets most of our heavy rain🤣....Davybe

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