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Thanks for all the Baltic advice

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About 18 months ago I posted for the first time on the forum to ask advice about cruising to the Baltics, My husband and I had only been on one cruise before (P&O to the med) and I was finding all the various options quite overwhelming... 

The response I received was incredible with so many people taking the time to offer help and suggestions on cruise lines, itinerary, local tour companies etc etc.  It made the planning so much easier and I was so grateful for the help. So I thought it only fair to report back on our return....

I included as many  of your suggestions as was physically possible and we travelled with Celebrity Silhouette from Southampton, visiting Zeebrugge, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Talinn, 3 full days in St Petersburg, and Warnemunde. We booked SPB tours (who were excellent) for St Petersburg, including a night at the ballet (where we had a private box!). We explored Copenhagen, Stockholm and Talinn on our own and took the boat (as suggested) to Rostock from Warnemunde and again explored on our own, all of which was incredibly easy. The only ships tour we took was to Ypres and Flanders Fields from Zeebrugge, which was very good and thought provoking...

We had an amazing time throughout and we even had fantastic weather! So a massive thank you to everyone for helping to make our trip so memorable.



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Yes, definitely. We came back as fans of the slightly larger ship (than Arcadia) and found Celebrity to be a bit more modern and just a little more fun than P and O. We also had a younger demographic  and a greater mix of nationalities which we really liked although that may be to do with the itinerary. Only slight negatives were the lack of a decent sized dance floor, ( which was a real shame as they had a fantastic orchestra/band) and the high cost of eating in the select restaurants which put us off. We would definitely sail with Celebrity again (with the free drinks package! !)

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Hi, we are off to the Baltic’s next year with Viking Ocean Cruises. We have three days in St Petersburg. A friend of mine went there years ago and said she did an after hours tour of the Hermetage which was amazing without the crowds. Does anyone know of a company who does this? 

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