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Summer fly cruise

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This August we are doing our first fly cruise having done many from Southampton. A few questions?

Any tips for the journey out/back ?

We are on Oceana not for the first time. We are visiting a few ports that will be new to us and am very much a person who likes just to get off and do our own thing.

So I was wondering how far from the towns we are when we visit Zadar and Sibenik (tender) and what there is to do and visit in this area apart from the obvious in the brochure.

We also stop in Piraeus for Athens and have been reading that a shuttle is provided to the edge of the port and then it is easy to make your own way around the sites via public transport or taxi. Any comments on this appreciated. 

We are looking forward to this one as the kids can now be left behind!!

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Welcome to the forum. I've done a few fly-cruises now but never with P&O. All of my P&O sailings have been from Southampton so it's difficult to comment on the P&O flight element as I think they still opeate charter flights. My fly-cruises have come with Celebrity and Holland America through scheduled air services.

I love Oceana and have always enjoyed my time on board the ship. The itinerary sounds lovely so I hope you have a great time. My knowledge of Zadar and Sibenik is limited at best but I have however visited Piraeus on numerous occasions, the last time being with Holland America. They did provide a shuttle service to the edge of the port, however the last time I visited Piraeus we opted for a shore excursion, which proved to be pretty good. The value was decent and the tour itself was good. If you're looking to do the Acropolis then you can either do this independently or via the cruise line. There's always deals to be had independently and it is pretty easy to source. That said, the cruise line excursion we last did was good and well-worth what we paid.


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can I ask if you are flying to Malta with Jet2.  If so have you looked at booking specific seats for the outbound and inbound flights at all?  We are having a problem with accessing the inbound flight information, even if we don't want to book a specific seat we still need to check in on line.

Getting conflicting information from PO about this at the moment



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