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Jools Holland gets involved with Saga Cruises

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It seems another celebrity name will be throwing their hat into the cruising ring soon. This time instead of another celebrity chef, it’s Jools Holland entering into partnership with Saga Cruises. Apparently he’ll become the face of a restaurant/bar on board Saga’s new ship, which will enter service in 2019. The venue on board will be called ‘The Club by Jools’ with the cruise line looking to add some innovation to their first ever new-build.

It reads that the partnership is set for an initial 5 years and that it’ll see Jools Holland perform a number of live gigs on board the ship. They’ve confirmed his first gig on board will be the 23 July 2019 sailing.

What do you think? Interesting or another novelty? I can’t decide whether it’s a clever addition or not.

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We went to see Jools and his band at Nottingham Arena a few years ago and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  He's been playing slightly smaller venues more recently (e.g. his latest visit to Nottingham was at The Royal Concert Hall) and I guess, in his dotage, he fancies the idea of the occasional paid holiday.

I've always thought that his greatest asset is that he always attracts other quality artists to work with him and I wonder whether or not the budget on Saga will run to his guests.  I'd be very surprised if he failed to bring the excellent Ruby Turner on stage with him.  She's been a fixture at his concerts for years.

I think it's a good move both by Saga and by Jools himself.


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