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Promotion gift to myself - where has your best holiday been?

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Hello :) As you can imagine I'm one happy bunny. Recently successfully applied for a promotion at work and couldn't be happier! Because of the bonus I've received I'm planning on surprising the wife with a nice holiday cruise this half term. I was wondering if anyone has some good suggestions of places they've been before and on what boat? I'm totally new to cruises (never had the money before) but want to give them a go and see how we get on, so was hoping someone here could give me some pointers of what to look out for, etc. Thanks :)

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Try speaking to Bolsover they are great at understanding your needs.

it all depends on your budget

If you have family with you or you want adult only ship.

How many night you require 

if you want Sun or Scenery 

so many questions. Just remember half term will be busy.

Our first cruise was for 7 nights to the Norway great experience and we have not stop cruising since.

Have fun.



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Hi Ablemoor and welcome to the forum.

It's not easy to recommend a cruise simply because we do not know what your expectations are, what standards you normally go for on holiday, large or small hotels etc. These are questions that anyone being asked to recommend a cruise will ask. One thing for sure, don't listen to anyone who does not know you and who has not asked the appropriate questions as they are likely to recommend their favourite cruise line which could turn out to be a disaster for you. Discuss it with Poppy at Bolsover who has an immense amount of experience at recommending cruises. I was  at the World of Cruising Wave Awards this year when she won Best Travel Agent Award, something that is not awarded lightly. 


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Welcome to the forum:)

Just got an offer from an agent, and at the moment Celebrity have some Baltic cruises on offer ,

The advice we got was book a 7 night cruise ,If you love it you can book another, and it's not to long if you hate it.

Pick a decent agent  is always a good thing ,and if you have friends who have cruised ask them.....Davybe

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Another person who makes one post and then seems to disappear. Anyway, the advice given by members above is good. Anyone thinking of going on their first cruise would be advised to think carefully about cruising at half term unless they are on an adult only ship like the ones that are with P&O as the prices seem to be much higher. Best advice I can suggest is do plenty of research and take a good look at various posts on forums such as this one.

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