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Celebrate the Royal Wedding at sea

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I see several cruise lines have announced they’ll be screening the Royal Wedding for passengers to watch whilst at sea. I thought they would but it’s nice that they’re making such a celebration of it. Princess are showing live screenings on the top deck movie screen on most of the fleet. They’re also putting on themed menus and parties during the cruises at that time.

Cunard are going all out though as you’d expect. I see they’re putting on a Royal Wedding afternoon tea, creating celebration cocktails, a commemorative dinner with keepsakes for passengers and a celebration cake modelled after the bride and groom.

Would you want to be drawn into such celebrations when you’re on holiday though? Or would you be happy to get involved?

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We were on the Aurora when William and Kate married. It was shown on a big screen somewhere on the ship. I can't remember where as I wasn't bothered about seeing it, probably in Carmen's. I seem to remember we were all given a little piece of wedding cake at dinner, not the actual wedding cake of course.😉

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16 hours ago, Pesky Pirate said:

It’s a good job Its not P & O, they might charge you for it.....

You mean Cunard will be giving free cocktail's??:lol:

Would try to avoid it ,but it will be hard to escape it on a ship,I will not have it on TV at home and may go racing in the afternoon.....Davybe

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