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My My My....

I have just been lucky enough to have seen the Galley Onboard Royal Princess on her British Isles cruise.

I must say, it is something I have always wanted to do so decided to book the excursion and see what the fuss was all about;

Firstly- I was amazed at how clean the Galley was, so spotless indeed it looked brand new!!

Secondly- I under estimated how hard the staff onboard really do work, I was amazed at all the different servicing stations and was shocked but not surprised to hear the kitchens are home to 77 cleaners onboard- they do an amazing job.

Chef Giovani was hilarious and full of flare and F&B manager named Guy was also very friendly and really put things into perspective for me telling us how far ahead they need to plan to bring local produce onboard. 420 Kilos of F&B is brought onboard every 2 weeks and the chef advised us in 10 days on they go through 504,000 eggs- EGGSTREME i know!! Still, I am a sucker for all that fresh bread onboard.

Very fun tour worth doing if that sort of thing interests you. I must say though, it has strongly changed my view on gratuities. I must admit in the past when I have travelled I have removed the grats for 2 of the passengers or even halved the value- I tell you what, having seen that Galley (1 of 7 by the way) and how spotless and how hard they work in the background, I will never question Gratuity charges.


My kitchen at home is a mess for 3 days after cooking for 4 let alone 3 thousand!!!



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