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ventura dixons at sea

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i have recently returned from a canaries cruise on ventura and they had a dixons at sea shop on board.

murphys law struck on the friday before embarkation and my main laptop died spectaculary and i ended up after several hours with the dreaded blue screen unable to pass go.

as i work from home as a bookkeeper i need a decent laptop and was now reduced to using my backup notepad not ideal.

anyway although they mainly had apple and microsoft products on board and periferals like speakers,fitbits etc they said if i gave them a shortlist of items from their website,currys and pcworld they would get a price and i could have it delivered after the cruise.

having sorted a variety of options they gave me a price on a 17 inch dell £40 less than the web price and a 14 inch hp £30 less than the web price. then i got the peninsular club discount so saved almost £200 on the 2 items and they arrive this afternoon.

so whilst not a huge saving it looks like if you need a peice of tech you can save a little.

just do your homework and check specs carefully.

for me it was a good experience.and the staff very helpful.


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2 hours ago, sammy sun said:

I had no idea they had this shop on board Ventura. Although I haven't sailed on Ventura for a few years now.

Is it a relatively new addition? 

We saw the "opening Event" on the Christmas cruise we were on. 

Mitch was lucky ,from what I saw and priced up they were nearly twice as dear as our local WH Smith's ,and we never found them cheap at the Airport ....Davybe

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2 hours ago, Jenjen said:

So Mitch you must be feeling better, I am so glad.

getting there, considering the only "wound" is a tiny dot on my wrist where they went in, i feel as though ive been hit by a bus. i am beginning to see why they say nothing strenuous for a month.

just the annoying tones of cortana sending my blood pressure up as i configure these laptops.

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