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Oceana Greek Islands

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We are on a cruise like this in September We have in the past done these ports as a land base holiday, two weeks each, so I opinion may not be as others, but I think it’s best to do your thing, all these places have the little train or hop on hop off bus

Rhodes  dock is so near the the centre well worth strolling around, stopping for coffee when you want, having comfort stops 

when you need without being told this is time to go. 

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We went to Rhodes a few years ago & just did our own thing.. I'd photocopied a few bits from some guide books & read them out to my husband as we went round. After we'd wandered round the ground floor of a ruined building with me pointing out where I thought things would have been which basically meant making things up we turned round to find a group of Americans following us & drinking it all in! 😀

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Hi AnBa,

My advice would be to do your own research via sites such as "Trip Advisor" or "whatsinport.com" so that you are aware of the options and the most popular attractions at each port of call.

Without knowing a lot more about your personal interests it is impossible for any individual to make specific recommendations.

For example, one of our cruise calls in October last year was Rhodes.  We had pre-booked a hire car and drove down to Lindos.  Spent the morning walking the old town, had lunch at a local restaurant, spent a couple of hours on the beach, then drove back in time to stroll around Rhodes old town itself.  All well and good for us as, 1) we like to do our own thing and  2) I enjoy driving.  Definitely wouldn't suit everybody.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great time.


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