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Isn’t it time all-inclusive holidays were offered by every cruise line?

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6 hours ago, smtcan said:

Drinks and excursions would be the main cost items in your example and we would definitely not use excursions and  spend little on drinks.  Therefore if we paid the higher cruise price we would be subsidizing those who use these.

But if as you say you don't use excursions and drink very little, I very much doubt you'd even consider booking this type of cruise.

Total AI would obviously comes at a premium price, if you chose to pay it and then not use what's on offer then that's your choice, you certainly can't say you're subsidising others because you're not using what's available.


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I don't think I'd be too keen on all inclusive myself. We like to drink wine with our meal and also enjoy other drinks around the ship. I'm not sure if we would be able to choose wines with an all inclusive would we? Or would we be limited to whatever the package is. Also, when we first started cruising we did an excursion in every port. We even did the same on our first world cruise, and that was an awful lot of excursions. We've now got to the stage where we only pick and choose, so it's a little late for us to benefit from excursions being included. 

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16 hours ago, Jenjen said:

Hope you are enjoying Ventura  Mitch we are on her in two weeks, fingers crossed.

 its been quite good,weathers been kind.i quite like the grab and go rolls and salads they do by the pool,mainly on sea days but a nice alternative to full lunches.

the up and over trip i have to make to get to the dining room ive been allocated is a bit of a pain.

food has been a good standard, quite fish heavy but nice.

from what ive heard and the few shows ive seen the entertainments been good.the casinos good but i am not convinced by colocating it within the pub. the bingoisters complain about the noise from the fruit machines and sometimes the quizzes and karaoke intrude the casino players so i am not a fan.

but each ship has its quirks and theres always alternatives available so its still been a good holiday.

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We’ve just come back from a Viking Ocean cruise and I think they’ve got it about right. The drinks are included at meal times, there is no charge for the speciality restaurants, teas and coffees are free all day as is 24 hour room service. There is an included excursion in each port if you want it but optional ones at very reasonable prices too. Tips are also included. 

The bar prices were very reasonable, we’ve never had such a tiny bill at the end of a holiday. When we did the northern lights cruise with P&O by the time we’d paid for excursions and everything else it added up to a considerable amount. I know some will say there is big difference in price between the two companies but trust me you could see the difference in the quality and to be honest when we added up what we ended up spending with P&O there wasn’t much in it. 

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