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You can just get the tender ashore & then the lift to the top. The streets can be quite steep but it is nice to wander round & when you get to the main road its flatter. The views are amazing but it does get quire crowded so it depends how fit you are whether you prefer to mooch about or take a coach tour.

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5 hours ago, ijfraser said:

Can you just go ashore in Santorini/ or is it advisable to do a tour. We are both not as fit as we were.




Hi Ian,

My wife had done her usual research before we arrived In Santorini on board Azamara Journey in October last year.  We took a local water taxi round to the small harbour below Oia.  The price included a shuttle bus up the hill to the town itself, though the very short pathway from water taxi to shuttle bus was quite steep.  Once up in Oia, getting about on foot is not too strenuous and it is certainly the place you see in all the wonderful photos of Santorini, so well worth the visit.  We then took a taxi ride into Fira and took the lift back down to the tender station.

When do you go and are there other ships in port on the day you will be there?


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Where the tender drops you off there are several options of local trips, so you don't even have to book a ship's tour.

We went for a boat ride to Oia (pronounced Eeya btw) and a bus back to Fira. We had enough time in both to wander, have a drink and something to eat. Both places were very busy, May 2017, but it's what we expected. Very scenic, very beautiful.

We then got the cable car down to pick up the tender, easy to find in Fira as there are signs everywhere.




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One of my favourite places in the world to visit. I fell in love with Santorini in 2011 and I've been back several times since. It's somewhere I never get fed up of. The views are amazing and the people have always been extremely welcoming.

I think you should be ok to get off and have a wander around as long as you're able to walk a little bit. The tender from the ship can be quite choppy so be aware of that but once you get to shore, the cable car option would definitely be the best choice for you to save your legs from the climb. One you're up, it's not too bad at all.

Fira is very nice to explore and always worth stopping off for a drink/bite to eat overlooking the cliff edge down towards the ships below. Oia, however, is  the place I would most recommend visiting, as has been suggested above. If you're considering an excursion, Oia is a must. otherwise there is the option that David H suggested which would also work well for you.

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