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Plastic No Longer Fantastic!

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Last year's BBC series Blue Planet II heralded a change in attitude amongst many on the impact of plastic on marine life, with footage showing animals injured or killed by plastic in the ocean.   The UK Government said it is considering a ban on plastic straws and other items, such as plastic drink stirrers and cotton buds.  I hope the cruise lines are going to make significant changes on board for example an estimated 8.5 billion plastic straws are thrown away each year and they play a part in this.  Thoughts on how else they can contribute to make a change?

Presenter David Attenborough ended the series with the message: "The future of all life now depends on us."

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When we were children we only had paper straws. They were ok except if you chewed them they got a bit soggy & you couldn't get anything through them! Except for in bottles of pop  for children we don't really need to use straws do we even paper ones?  Hard plastic 'glasses' for safety round the pools etc are reusable so no need for flimsy plastic throwaway ones on board. 

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I read a while ago that P&O and Cunard were planning to make significant changes to their plastic policies and were looking to remove single use plastics by 2022. The same article said Royal Caribbean had announced similar plans the week before. Typical P&O, always the follower never the leader!

Just found it - https://www.express.co.uk/travel/cruise/915670/ships-single-use-plastic-abolished-cruise-giants-by-2022

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