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MSC Cruises introduce their own version of Alexa in every cabin

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“Hey Alexa, order me another cocktail...”

Hi, I'm new to the forum but I've been cruising for a few years. Just joined the Bolsover club though after a recommendation from some friends and thought i'd give the forum a look.

This MSC news is something I like! I’ve just read that MSC Cruises are installing Alexa like technology in every cabin on board. They’re bringing it in from next year on MSC Bellissima but then will add it to the other ships too afterwards.

Apparently it even stores the data you tell it so once you’ve used it, it remembers what you like, even if you go back on an MSC cruise years later. I love that it recognises 7 different languages too. Makes sense given that MSC always seem to have a wide range of nationalities on board.

Nice little win for Samsung too by the sounds of it. They’ve got the contract for it along with a company called Harman International.

I see Bellissima will be christened in Southampton too so perhaps a strong statement of intent from MSC that they’re coming for the likes of P&O, Royal Caribbean etc in the UK.

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This sounds like a brilliant idea, I’m surprise none other the other lines have introduced as system like this yet.  The only worry is I hope you don’t get any random call outs like Amazons Alexa, when it started laughing out loud for no reason.  Wouldn’t fancy that at night in a cabin.

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Each to their own I suppose.  I really do appreciate that many will find this great but as a self-confessed luddite, I would find it off-putting.  I have no desire to talk to an inanimate object and certainly don't want one organising my life thank you.  I'll crawl back into my cave now (yes, I am a troglodyte too) :D.

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I think it's a clever addition by MSC and shows their willingness to move with the times.

It'll definitely be customised for cruising purposes and they must see a benefit to doing it otherwise why commission it at all?

If it can book restaurants, entertainment etc then it'll be pretty cool to see. It might be a music player too just like Alexa and they might have their own music library created. They can then add 'skills' to it like with Alexa so it could be a really clever feature.

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