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packing- how much is enough

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i go on ventura on sat for 2 weeks and have packed eventually one 120l barrel bag. it was picked up by the bagage handling company 10 minutes ago.

chatting to the guy he has been on a round trip up through wales to scotland and is on his way back down south and in scotland at one pick up it was 6 suitcases for one couple!!!!!

now i didnt get into the detail of sizes etc but 3 suitcases each seems a tad excessive. even the late wife didnt have that many shoes.

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I am beginning to get the hang of it...particularly as I am elderly and have to haul my wifes stuff as well as my own. While I cannot control what she takes, I have reduced my packing to about14kg even with a couple of books. Even so, you are likely to pack far more that you will ever need.  


Unless you fall in a ditch, you can wear the same clothes more than once..(or even thrice), and a bit of washing daily dries in the shower recess over night...so be frugal!

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I agree with Jenjens point that it is really good that such allowances are given but come on! 3 suitcases each?! That seems beyond ridiculous to me. They may well be on board for a while, back to back etc but that seems way over the top.

Even when my daughter was a baby and we were packing the kitchen sink to go away with us, we still didn't need that amount of luggage.

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For our next cruise of 17nights we will have 2 average size suitcases and a suit carry. Last year on a 7 night holiday we had just 1 suitcase between us. 

We spoke to a couple on our last cruise that had done the world cruise and arrived on board with 13 cases. On their return they had purchased enough goods and gifts to fill another 3 cases.  The room steward had been very helpful and found a safe place to store them otherwise their cabin would have been a little cramped with that amount of luggage. 

I don’t think we would have enough clothes to fill 13 cases.

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