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Can anyone tell me what the procedure is when you are tendered off?

We are going on the Britannia , P&O, in May, and the first port of call is Guernsey.

Theres a huge amount of people on the ship and was wondering what the procedure is.

Normally I wouldnt ask, its just that its one port we would really like to visit and make a full day of. 

We havent been on this ship before.

Thank you



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I did it on Arcadia. Getting off wasn’t too bad but getting back on, which we did in plenty of time, the queue was way around the quayside. I would imagine Britannia will have a lot more tenders out than what Arcadia did but I would give yourself plenty of time, not that they would leave anyone waiting behind. Well I would hope not.

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I did this on Britannia a couple of years ago, the people booked on excursions all had pre allocated tender times, for those just getting off the ship and doing there own thing we were seperated into groups and sat and waited in the theatre until our group was called. Was really quick and easy.

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Given a calm sunny day, it can be a really beautiful stop, but its the tendering itself that can cause problems if the ship encounters 'wind over tide' conditions, on the day, which can create a nasty and very difficult chop, for the tenders coming alongside or leaving the ship. Within the port itself, embarking or disembarking the tenders, is all a lot easier nowadays than before, via a long a long floating bridge pontoon to eventually terra firma, itself.

I've been able to get ashore there 5 out of 6 times, so quite a good average. Be prepared for some reasonably steep hills and also street cobbles within the town of St Peter Port itself.  Enjoy, great places to find at any budget for a great lunch ashore! There's even a Marks and Sparks along the front, if you just want to munch on a sandwich on a bench in the sun.

Its a beautiful place, but do be prepared for disappointments, if the wind and the tides aren't necessarily agreeing with each other, on the day. My fingers R crossed for U.

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