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I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here !!!!

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  • 8 years later...

It's that time again.....I'm a Celebrity get me out of Here 2022.

Reported yesterday that former Health Minister Matt Hancock will be joining. There is a lot of criticism because as he is still serving as an MP they say he can't do his  job properly. I'm not getting into the politics of this but I think maybe he thinks he might not keep his seat in the next general election and with a divorce and 3 children to support he will need  plenty of extra money.

Also appearing will be former rugby player and married to Princess Anne's daughter is Mike Tindall + Boy George, Chris Moyles and others.


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22 hours ago, Countrygirl said:

I hate it, only ever watch about 10minutes of the program. That was enough for me. I would rather watch paint dry.

Well that's the beauty of TV today, you have so much choice, so if you don't like something you can tune in to something else especially as we have freeview, netflix, catch up and many other options. Or whilst watching that paint dry you can listen to music or do something else.

However there are also a large amount of people who like to watch this show ( what you would call rubbish ) and if it wasn't popular it would soon be taken off air. I place myself in the "it's OK to watch but if something came up, I'd do that instead " crowd.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Tonight we saw, what for many is one of the best trials on I'm A Celebrity........It was the Cyclone, wind water-cannons & balls and it is such a fun trial to watch. Finally we find out who are in the final three....it's Jill, Owen and yes Matt Hancock has made the final 3. I cannot see him winning & have a feeling that Jill will be crowed Queen of the Jungle.

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