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Has P&O implemented their drinks ban?

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49 minutes ago, mitch said:

your allowed 1 litre. i think. i dont bother if i want a drink i go to the bar.

Me too Mitch,never ever bothered on any cruise ship.

We met a couple who were threatening to quit cruising if P&O stopped them bringing on their  Boxes of Champagne ,for there Party in their they held in their Suite?

Poor loves.....Davybe

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1 hour ago, mitch said:

as far as i know no other cruiseline even lets you bring the initial 1litre at boarding on board.its a total no alcohol except from the bars.

In my/our experience, P&O has always been the exception in allowing Passengers to bring 'their own supplies' and in the past also 're-supply' en route as such.

I/we do not do so many cruises with P&O, simply because Southampton is so very far away. Although last year out of Southampton, I noted we were allowed to bring a Litre of Spirit and similarly a bottle of wine/champagne each.

Precious few other cruise lines allow anything more, than a 'carry on' 76cl bottle of wine or champagne each, (if that with some?). So I think it might be a case of being grateful for small mercies when booking P&O. Similarly said, if we want a drink we also go to the bar too, preferably at Happy Hour!! 

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