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I and other forum members I have met on board have had a different experience from Jaczs.  Today is my last day on Azura as we bounce our way towards Southampton. Many people haven't dressed for formal nights as they have felt there were too many of them. After leaving Barbados it's 8 days to Southampton and a formal night every other night. On 2 occasions we have used the buffet on formal nights and it was full to capacity each time with people in casual attire. The food was also better in the buffet than the main restaurants in my humble opinion and that of others but that is for another day. Times are changing and many, whilst adhering to the recommended dress code, would be happy for it to be done away with. This does not represent a drop in standards as some people think, standards are about people and not the clothes they wear. Many of the 6 star and 5 star cruise lines have done away with formal nights and you wont see anyone badly dressed. It's all about what you feel comfortable with and in.

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On P & O most wear a tux for the Captains Gala Night, the most formal of the formal nights. For the other formal nights you won't feel unduly out of place in a lounge suit. 

I never wear a long dress (because I can't find one short enough) but never feel uncomfortable in a cocktail length dress.

As long as you have a jacket and tie on you won't be refused entry into the dining room or any of the bars on Formal nights.

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