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"Dixon's at Sea" on P&O

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When we were on Ventura over Christmas and New Year,the opened a Dixon's at sea ,at one end of the photograph area ?

Never found Dixon's very cheap at the airports ,(looked at a camera £100 local Curry's £115 Duty free Dixon's at Manchester Airport) they had some Cameras and Computer stuff for sale,incuding Phones ,Tablets and a Laptop,Unable to check the prices except for a Tablet pen which was around twice the price we paid in W,H.Smiths .

Any one buying so called duty and Tax free should remember they are not profit freehand know what price the goods are at home before you buy.

Anyone else seen "Dixon's at sea "yet.....Davybe

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ive never found "duty free" electricals particularly reduced compared to prices in shops or online.

i think once many years ago i found a 2 for one offer on a laptop speaker that was good, i bought it and used the "spare" as a xmas present.

dont get me started on dixons/pc world etc in general i reckon they are a monopoly/con. they invent prices and "deals" that arent.

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Never buy anything in Dixons at airport or on a ship  if I saw them. Usually overpriced. I remember the same when going to  Guernsey and a friend there boasted of no VAT. No competition either and the goods without vat were dearer than I could get them in the UK. If you`re on land in the east you can make savings but you have to check warranties.

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